We are Collaborative Commerce

Inspired by the idea of collaboration, we created CubeSnack to make buying, selling and freelancing easier, more convenient and rewarding. CubeSnack is a hyper-local marketplace that fosters the growth of local businesses, online sellers and freelancers all in one place.


We Dug Deep

In the midst of advancing modern-day technology and a remote shopping lifestyle, we discovered that small local businesses are suffering, creativity is fading and shopping options are minimizing. That’s why we introduced a marketplace that is beyond just e-commerce, it’s “hyper-commerce”. Our platform is the ideal place for small businesses and creative professionals to come together, create exceptional value and expand their reach without giving away a huge chunk of their profit margins. Local businesses, online sellers and freelancers can now work together to create an unparalleled shopping experience more conveniently than ever before.



Our Mission

As a company, our mission is to accelerate retail growth, minimize selling and freelancing costs to make professional online selling more affordable for the masses, as well as provide more and better shopping channels to customers at affordable prices. To achieve our mission, we lead with optimism and belief, and create a more sustainable marketplace environment for small local businesses, freelancers and shoppers so that the impact of growth can be realized for years to come.​


Our Vision and Values

Empowering small businesses and freelancers to grow and thrive, sustainably. We believe that our work has the potential to make lives better for everyone who is associated with it, therefore, our values are driven by LOGIC and guided by 5 principles that lead us to do what we love, everyday, day in and day out.

Learning leap makes us best at what we do is based on what we learn. Learning is the leap we take everyday so that we continue to create what we create.

Opulent optimism keeps us focused and on the right path, opulent optimism keeps us far out of reach of pessimism.

Greater growth inspires us to create more and grow better together with the world where we live.

Increasing inspiration enables us to learn from and grow with everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Care over cure enables us to do more and do better NOW. It’s a cycle that never stops.

Secure Suite

Shop, sell and freelance with trust, that’s what we’re built on. To deliver a comfortable and safe experience, we provide a suite of essential services like secure payments, private messaging and much more. When you're surfing the Cubenack marketplace, you can browse, communicate and make purchases confidently. We understand that peace of mind matters to you, therefore, we ensure that your data is protected and not shared with third-party sellers or outside sources. At CubeSnack, our top priority is to keep your connections safe and secure at all times.

How CubeSnack Works

CubeSnack is a unique marketplace platform that gives small businesses and freelancers the opportunity to harness the power of ecommerce, yet keeping it local. We encourage collaboration so that businesses can grow more, freelancers can create more and customers can find more of what they love.

Sell Smarter

Whether you sell online or own a chain of local stores, easily start and scale your business with CubeSnack. Low fees ONLY when your item sells, ZERO subscription costs and ultra-powerful tools to add convenience and growth to your business, what else would you need to get started?

Freelance Freedom

Your creative freedom matters to you, it matters to us and to millions of businesses around the world. Create a single gig or sell packages, offer the most of what you do best and keep the most of what your hard work deserves. CubeSnack makes it effortless for freelancers to meet businesses and consumers that need your creative services, locally and beyond.

Shop Big, Support Small

You love to shop, we get that. When you shop local, you help small businesses grow and contribute to your community for a better living. Discover unique stores and local shops around you, shop as much as you want and get your items the very same day using home delivery or in-store pick up, all on CubeSnack. Now that’s the power of supporting a local business.