Cubesnack Purchase Protection

Purchase Protection For Buyers

Cubesnack is an online marketplace platform that promotes a fair and secure environment for small businesses, online sellers, freelancers as well as our valuable shoppers. Therefore, to regulate the platform and minimize purchase-related risks, Cubesnack protects each transaction with Cubesnack Purchase Protection.

What is Cubesnack Purchase Protection?

Cubesnack Purchase Protection is our protection program that provides peace of mind to every customer shopping with us. The Purchase Protection Program assists buyers in case of disagreements between sellers and buyers related to returns, exchange and warranty issues, as well in case of fraud, and lost or missing products.

How does Cubesnack Purchase Protection help buyers?

Although we give a certain level of liberty to our sellers, it is of prime importance to us that our customers are satisfied with their purchase on Cubesnack. To ensure a satisfactory experience for our customers, sellers will be given a fair opportunity to work directly with buyers and resolve any issues. If any issues are unresolved or escalated by customers, the Cubesnack Purchase Protection Team will step in to resolve the issue.

How can I get Cubesnack Purchase Protection to work?

Cubesnack Purchase Protection is automatically applied to your purchase with no action on your part and at no additional cost to you.

How does Cubesnack Purchase Protection help me?

Cubesnack Purchase Protection is specifically designed to ensure that your purchase is protected in case there’s an issue. In qualified instances where the seller may decline to give you the refund or fails to honor the warranty as promised, you can simply contact us at or open a case from the “Manage Orders” section in your account settings, and we will further investigate the issue to give you the best possible solution.

What qualifies for Cubesnack Purchase Protection?

There are many circumstances under which Cubesnack Purchase Protection may apply. Some instances may include but are not limited to returns, exchange and warranty issues, as well in case of fraud, and lost, damaged or missing items. Keep in mind that circumstances will qualify after evaluating the evidence you provide and the overview of the situation, once you contact us or file a claim. Under certain circumstances and if necessary, we may have to work with external sources such as shipping carriers and law enforcement to evaluate the your claim, which may delay the outcome of your request.

Purchase Protection for Sellers

Cubesnack encourages our seller-community to grow their business and provide an excellent shopping experience to buyers. We believe in empowering small businesses and giving them the ability to decide how their business should run, grow and succeed. Part of this initiative is that we allow sellers on Cubesnack to set their own rules and policies for the products they are selling with us. These rules and policies will apply to returns, warranties and disclaimers for the products and will be displayed on each product listing. This helps us promote a fair selling advantage to our sellers and helps our customers make better purchase decisions. Therefore, to regulate the platform and minimize the risk for our shoppers, Cubesnack protects each transaction with Cubesnack Purchase Protection.

How does Cubesnack Purchase Protection work?

In the event when a customer purchases an item from a seller, the seller is obligated to stand behind their listed policies on the detail page of their products. In case a seller declines to cooperate with the buyer, fails to adhere to their store policies or provide a viable solution to the buyer, the Cubesnack Purchase Protection Team will step in and work with buyers to resolve the issue.

How does the Purchase Protection impact the sellers?

Our Purchase Protection Program is specifically curated to provide the highest level of protection to the buyers when they make a purchase on Cubesnack. To deliver this level of satisfaction, Cubesnack reserves the right to override seller rules and policies to provide satisfactory solutions to our customers. These solutions may include, but are not limited to, forced refunds issued from your pending payout balance on Cubesnack or from the payment method that we have on file, allowing returns after the return window is closed to promote customer satisfaction, allowing returns if the seller fails to fulfil the warranty as promised on the listing and so forth. Frequent complaints or escalations for your store or business may result in suspension or termination of your selling privileges on Cubesnack.

We work hard to promote a fair buying and selling environment for all our members on Cubesnack. Therefore, we do not tolerate any misbehavior towards or inappropriate engagement with our customers. We encourage all sellers to represent their business and sell with honesty and integrity.