Shipping Guidelines

Eligible items can be approved for shipping on CubeSnack. Here at CubeSnack, we have taken steps to make shipping easier and smoother for our users, however, in cases of severe or repeated violations of our shipping policies, we may temporarily suspend or permanently cancel an account. Shipping is subject to the CubeSnack Terms of Use.



Eligible items

Most shipping-eligible items can be sold on CubeSnack. Please see our shipping criteria below:



  1. Items that use CubeSnack-provided shipping labels — it helps us track your package and complete transactions so that sellers can get paid.

  2. Items that are under 20 pounds. In certain cases, you may be able to submit listings for items over 20 pounds, however, your listing will not be approved.

  3. Packages with no side longer than 20". In certain cases, you may be able to submit listings for items with sides longer than 20”, however, your listing will not be approved.

  4. Items that fit one of the 4 available package size ranges (X-small, Small, Medium and Large).

  5. Items prepared and ready to ship — please avoid shipping items that you may not be able to fulfill on time, such as custom/special orders.



  1. Anything that prohibited or restricted by the US Postal Service and as listed in our Terms of Use
    Sellers and stores are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding mailing. Please keep in mind, some items may be shipped via ground transportation only, and since CubeSnack uses Priority shipping, these items may not be eligible for shipping transactions. Please check US Postal Service shipping restrictions to verify if your product qualifies for shipping.

  2. Items sold with Drop-shipping
    Drop-shipping is when a seller or store purchases items from another retailer and directly ships them to a buyer. We’re a community marketplace that strives to provide a valuable experience to our customers. Therefore, CubeSnack highly discourages its sellers from practicing these methods.

Certain Restrictions

  • Sellers are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding mailing. Please visit US Postal Service shipping restrictions for more information.

  • Certain things are not allowed to be sold on CubeSnack. Check the list of Prohibited Items as described in our Terms of Use.



Shipping Fees

  • For Sellers:

    • There are no service fees using our Shipping feature. Shipping costs are generally paid by the buyer but can be paid by the seller if the seller decides to offer Free Shipping as an option.

    • CubeSnack will not reimburse shipping fees if a package is held by USPS with the reason “postage due.”, which normally happens if you have entered incorrect shipping attributes or package weight at the time of listing your item.

    • Sellers may offer Free Returns. In such cases, when a buyer processes a return, sellers will be charged for the return shipping label.

    • As a seller, if you didn’t select the correct label weight and more postage is due, we highly encourage you to not ship the item. To correctly enter the shipping attributes, you will need to make the current listing inactive and create a new listing with the correct shipping attributes. If you receive an order for an item with incorrect shipping weight, you will need to cancel the transaction and edit your package weight in your listing. When the buyer purchases your item, print the updated label.


  • For Buyers:

    • Buyers pay for the cost of shipping items, unless the seller has offered Free Shipping as an option
      Note: Buyers can cancel an offer on a shipping item by messaging the seller using our in-app messaging feature, so long the seller hasn't shipped the item. Once the seller has shipped the item, the transaction cannot be canceled.

    • Buyers pay for the shipping label. Shipping fees can vary depending on package size, delivery distance and other factors, so the amounts shown for each item at checkout. You'll know how much you'll pay before you buy.

    • Sellers may offer Free Returns. In such cases, when a buyer processes a return, seller will be charged for the return shipping label. If Free Returns is not offered by the seller, then the buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs. Return shipping label will be available for print under you account settings in the CubeSnack app, after your return has been accepted by the seller.

    • We determine the sales tax rate based on the buyer’s address.



Buying, Selling and Protection

  • Only use CubeSnack to complete any and all transactions. Sellers are highly discouraged from accepting any payments outside of CubeSnack. When an item is paid for and shipped through CubeSnack, the buyer may be eligible for protection if eligible problems occur, but only if the transaction and payment were completed through CubeSnack. We do not accept responsibility for any transaction that takes place outside of CubeSnack.

  • Sellers are responsible for selling the item that was purchased as described in the original listing. If you’re selling items that need a label of authenticity such as luxury watches or collectible items, it is your responsibility to provide the Certificate of Authenticity to the buyer, if requested. We do not encourage the sales of fake or counterfeit items.

  • We will not honor any situations that indicate false claims, abuse, or return fraud.

  • Learn more about how CubeSnack Purchase Protection works.