4 Best Practices for Ecommerce Marketing

Updated: Feb 13

Selling online can be fun and profitable when done right. Let us guide you on how you can increase your online presence in 4 simple ways.

Selling online is quite different than selling in a brick and mortar environment. The marketing strategies for each are unique, as one focuses on driving traffic to a store for in person sales and the other sends traffic to a site for online sales. If you use an ecommerce platform or marketplace to sell locally or globally, there are some marketing tools that are worth your time and energy to pursue. Here is a deep dive into four of the most beneficial:

1. Test Your Site’s Layout:

Approach your ecommerce website’s layout with a careful eye, as a potential customer would when they use your site for the first time. How is the layout? Is the language on your landing page easy to understand? Is your site easy to navigate and make a purchase? A shopper is more inclined to shop with you if the user experience is a positive one. There is heatmap software that can provide shopper patterns based on customer behavior for your site. Make adjustments and even retool your site as needed to perfect the shopping experience for customers.

2. Personalize Your Site:

How does your business or brand stand out among all of the similar sites? One way is to speak to your customers about things that matter to them. Imagine your ideal shopper and even go as far as to create an ideal customer avatar. What’s their age and gender? When you drill down to who this shopper is, you can think about what motivates them and what their pain and passion points are. Communicate on your site to this shopper. Use photos of employees to show the people behind you brand. Create behind the scenes videos so customers understand how you operate. By putting a face to your brand, you will become more than a generic site.

3. Embrace SEO for Ecommerce:

Search Engine Optimization is essential to make sure that your site is updated often with relevant content. With content on your site that is rich and related to the merchandise you sell, you will draw additional eyeballs to your site who will become your customers. By putting keywords to work for you in an organic way, your site will end up in the results of searches when users need specific items. This low-cost, high ROI strategy works.

4. Target, Retarget, Repeat:

Reaching out to customers who have shown an interest in your site is a smart strategy to encourage them to make a purchase later. Tracking these potential shoppers and serving them with ads while they are browsing the internet is a great way to become top of mind, encouraging them to return and make a purchase. Keep ads specific to the product that they were looking at and include links to the page of the product. Due to the current lack of third party tracking cookies, retargeting can be a bit more challenging but worth the effort.

Our thoughts

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