7-Point Checklist to Selling Out During Holiday Season

Last year, 17.5 percent of the total U.S. holiday retail sales were made online. Forecasts anticipate online sales will keep growing this year, accounting for an estimated 19 percent of holiday sales. Being ready for this influx of customers is essential to a successful holiday season. Here are some ways to maximize sales when you sell online:

*Site Inspection: Perform a thorough review of your listings and site as if you are a new customer. Are the descriptions and photos accurate? Check the FAQs and the return policy to ensure that both are clear and spell out what can be returned and the conditions that returns are accepted.

*Create Gift Cards: Keep conversions high by making it easy for consumers who aren’t sure what to purchase and by accommodating last minute shoppers. Nearly 50% of shoppers procrastinate til Christmas Eve to buy their holiday gifts so make it simple for them to grab a gift card. Offer to send e-gift cards to streamline the process. You’ll enjoy new customers and an eleventh hour bump to your holiday bottom line.

*Find Your Hero Product: What sells best? Check last year’s holiday sales data to see what products were in demand. When you decide which product is most popular, feature it. Make sure you have a hearty supply of this product on hand. Keep an eye on inventory levels to keep your digital shelves fully stocked. Speak to your suppliers to ensure they can meet your anticipated demand.

*Make Mobile Device Shoppers a Priority: More than half of the people shopping online are using a mobile device, so don’t lose them to slow connection times or wonky interfaces. Optimize your site for mobile so those orders are placed and carts aren’t abandoned.

*Feature Order Deadlines: Customers need to know when they have to place their orders by to arrive for the holidays. So call out those dates clearly on your landing pages, homepage, product pages and cart page. Shoppers appreciate transparency as they make those gift buying decisions.

*Bundle, Bundle, Bundle: Make it easy for shoppers to find a perfect gift by offering premade baskets or product bundles. Get creative and think of the ways to upsell your products that flow together. Consider putting together subscription bundles that are offered monthly or quarterly. Pair seasonally themed products in one bundle. The possibilities are endless!

*Create Holiday Driven Content: Step up your social media game to include compelling content that will drive sales. Tailor blogs and other media for the holidays, including how-to guides, videos, podcasts and more. Be prepared with lots of customized content.

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