Benefits of Selling on a B2C Platform

Did you know that more than one-third of small businesses in the United States do not have a website?

Don’t be shut off from your share of the estimated $4.5 trillion dollars in sales available across the globe online. The most important takeaway of this statistic is the availability of eCommerce platforms to help your business reach these potential customers. Why should you sell on a B2C platform? Let us count the reasons why.

One major advantage of having an online selling business on a B2C platform is the lower cost. By selling online, you’re saving money on staffing as well as capitalizing on sales without the overhead of a brick and mortar. Those costs really add up. An ecommerce platform allows you to stay on top of your inventory easily, without the hassle. Being able to sell to both companies and consumers will allow you the best return on investment. Setting up an efficient and optimized website is time-consuming and costly. Instead, you’re utilizing a fully functional system that will allow you to sell online without the need to start from square one digitally.

Another benefit of using a B2C ecommerce platform to expand sales is that you can build trust with your customers. Using an established ecommerce platform makes sense. A platform has a customer base that already enjoys using the site and understands the nuances of shopping there, so by selling on the site, your business automatically has a sense of credibility by association. The positive experiences with your brand as well as a successful history of purchasing on the site combine to result in repeat sales from happy customers. As a seller, you’ll have the tools to communicate with customers easily, receiving notifications when a sale happens or having the ability to answer questions quickly.

The professional features available on an ecommerce platform for sellers to utilize are plentiful. Advertising possibilities, inventory help and being able to offer simple checkout options and shipping or delivery choices are inviting to consumers and will streamline your work as a seller. All of these tools will ensure a seamless shopping experience, encouraging repeat business.

An exciting new player in the ecommerce arena, CubeSnack is a marketplace that makes it simple to expand your reach to local customers or those across the country. It is simple to set up a store- just download the CubeSnack app at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get started. Highly effective and helpful shopping tools make the process simple and enjoyable, including recommended-based search functionality as well as a completely secure suite of checkout options. CubeSnack makes it simple to have an online selling business.

If you have a brick and mortar store, CubeSnack makes it easy to help customers BOPIS or buy online and pick up in-store. A whopping 50% of consumers are planning on continuing to shop online but to grab their goods at the store, so why not make it simple for them to do so? CubeSnack lets you offer delivery, pickup or shipping options that suit your customers’ needs and fit their busy lifestyle.

CubeSnack is an affordable and streamlined way to enter the ecommerce selling zone. What are you waiting for? CubeSnack is here!

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