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Best Apps for Selling Online in 2023

In the past decade, the demand for buying and selling online has grown exponentially. According to the most recent data, the e-commerce sales in the United States in Q2 of 2022 was recorded at $265.94B. The market is shifting more and more towards online sales, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a strong online presence in order to stay competitive. By selling online, you can tap into this growing market and reach a wider audience of potential customers. Let's see the best online selling apps that can help you successfully grow your business n 2023.


Although fairly new, Cubesnack is a mobile-first social-commerce app that offers a wide selection of features that can easily help you grow your business online or just sell items for a side income. It's one of the few online selling apps that allows you to create a Seller or a Freelancer account depending on what you're selling which makes it a unique attraction for a wide market. Furthermore, Cubesnack is the ideal platform for local stores (particularly the ones that don't have a business website) because as a local store you can create up to 5 physical store locations under one account, add store hours for each individual location, offer in-store pick up, home-delivery, and much more. With a free Seller or Freelancer account, unlimited listings, and over 25 product and gigs categories combined, it's easier than ever to start selling on online with Cubesnack.


Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world and is a great platform for sellers to reach a wide audience. One of the major benefits of selling on Amazon is its vast customer base, as millions of people shop on the platform every day. Additionally, Amazon has a highly efficient fulfillment network, which means that sellers can easily fulfill orders and have them shipped directly to customers. Another benefit is the ability to leverage Amazon's branding and reputation to increase trust and credibility with customers.


eBay is another popular online selling platform that allows sellers to reach a wide audience of shoppers. One of the major benefits of eBay is that it has a large number of active users, which means that there is always a good chance of finding a buyer for your products. Additionally, eBay has a well-established reputation as a trustworthy marketplace, which can help to increase the credibility of your store.