Ecommerce Trends for 2022

If you sell online, you know that staying on top of ecommerce trends is important to your bottom line. With global ecommerce growth rate for this year estimated at over 12%, these ecommerce sales could reach a whopping $5.54 trillion. What strategies should be on your radar to expand your growth and remain engaged with your customers?

Prepare to see artificial intelligence morph from a cookie-cutter model to one that has much greater personalization, complete with customized experiences. The algorithms will account for both customer behavior as well as lots of rich data sources that will provide marketers with a better sense of why customers behave the way they do and use fine details to accomplish this including location, time of day and the current weather.

Shoppable ads will become even more functional and factor into how people make purchases from home or on the go on their mobile devices. How? Real-time flow of inventory as well as a greater sense of personalization will have a huge effect on advertising. Not only will customers benefit from shoppable commerce, but vendors will thrive by having a sneak peek into consumer preferences which will drive campaigns in the future. Because the way we shop has changed so much over the past few years and ongoing supply chain issues are still a road bump, so to speak, marketers are employing varying types of dynamic creative optimization to keep customers on track with relevant updates.

Marketers are looking beyond Facebook to reach out to their customers. To keep the cost of ads down and to go beyond what has been done in the past, diversifying your social shopping to include additional channels is a solid plan. Consider Instagram, Pinterest and disruptive social platforms like TikTok to change things up since they can give your brand relevant social commerce experiences. TikTok has partnered with Shopify and this enhancement to the in-app purchasing possibilities will provide a superior return on ad spend.

Even as customers are returning to the practice of shopping at brick and mortars again, there are no signs that shopping online is slowing down. Online shopping continues to grow because the habits that were created during the pandemic have become ingrained. For owners of retail establishments, the challenge is to keep both in-store and selling online fresh to appeal to both types of shoppers, embracing a hybrid sales and marketing strategy is a wise one.

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