Freelancers for Digital Marketing vs. a Digital Agency: Pros and Cons

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

As a business owner, you’ve always got so much on your mind. Without a strong digital marketing plan in place, all of the things that you do to move the sales needle won’t have the impact they could. the impact they could. First, consider who should be the force behind your digital strategy: freelancers for digital marketing or a digital agency? Each has positives but only you can decide which will work best for your company.

A freelancer is an independent consultant who has the past experience of working for a larger firm in marketing, media or digital but who broke out and now offers their services on an independent basis. Freelancers for digital marketing are pros who do it all, from getting clients, creating plans, executing projects and working with the same companies on a regular schedule or on a per-project basis. Here in the United States, there are 57 million freelancers, with 86% typically working from home and 41% of freelancers finding work through their past clients.

A digital agency, on the other hand, is a collective. This group of full time employees or independent contractors is responsible for handling marketing activities on behalf of their clients. If you need help with email marketing, content creation, social media strategy, graphic design or marketing consulting, a digital agency can help your business succeed.

How can you decide which one is right for you? Let’s go through some of the strengths of each possibility:

Freelancers have experience and have worked on various accounts and types of business on their professional journey. It is easy to find a person who has experience in your field and with the specific tools that you are searching for. A freelancer’s name is their reputation and they will go the extra mile to provide stellar service to foster a long term relationship with your company. Because freelancers normally have fewer projects than their counterparts at digital agencies, they can prioritize your projects, essentially becoming an in-house marketing pro without the investment of hiring a full time employee. A freelancer is flexible and with non-traditional work hours, they are available to help you when a crisis arises or when a customer has an issue on the weekend or after hours.

Hiring a digital agency gives you the power of a group of marketers with experience that covers a wide skill set. The structure of having an agency with regular meetings and status checks on the progress of your projects is definitely a bonus, providing you the confidence that your account is being well managed. The resources available to a digital team give them an advantage to complete projects quickly. With a digital agency, you’ll have a project manager who will be a marketing partner, keeping you updated with regular communication.

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