Get to Know Your Customers

Updated: Feb 13

Knowing who you’re selling to and what your customers expect from you can significantly help your business.

Did you know that 91% of customers who have had a negative experience will stop shopping with that brand without even complaining?

Over half of dissatisfied customers will take to their device to share their bad experience with others.

Think about it — How well do you know your customers? Now is the perfect time to focus on understanding who is your ideal customer, what his or her passion and pain points are and take some time to reconnect with your customer base in what has been a challenging few years.

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you sell online locally, take the time during “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” which falls on the third Thursday of every quarter of the year, to connect with your customers and explore new ways engage with them.

There is a direct correlation between the opinions of customers and their devotion to a brand, seller or store.

A consumer who feels valued, heard and who experiences stellar customer service is shown to stay loyal as well as even pay more for a product or service that is being offered.

On the other hand, if a customer has a poor experience, you will likely lose more than just that one customer. Your brand’s reputation could take a major hit, especially since reviews are highly visible online and many potential shoppers check out reviews before hitting the purchase button.

Personalize the connections with your customers to strengthen your relationship with them. It is wonderful to have data and analytics about your customers but if you want to find out what they’re thinking, ask them directly!

One solid way is to implement an online survey to deep dive into their shopping habits, goals, issues and the things that bother them about shopping with you or your competitors.

Communicate the questions with them via email, through social media channels or as a follow up to a purchase. Keep it brief so customers won’t abandon ship halfway through.

Another way to solidify your relationship with your customers is to humanize your business or brand. Tell your story and share honestly about the struggles or successes of your business.

Growing a personal relationship this way helps customers to feel connected to you and your brand.

Incorporate a chatbot on your website to give your customers a better shopping experience. If shoppers have questions, they’ll receive personalized messages and answers to commonly asked things.

This flow could even include a quick get to know them survey which will feel more like a conversation than a generic email.

Our Thoughts

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