How to sell on different online marketplace platforms and succeed

Updated: Feb 12

Selling on multiple online marketplaces can turn out to be beneficial for your business and help you grow your sales significantly. Checkout how!

Methods of selling are constantly evolving. Online marketplace platforms are a growing, vibrant opportunity to reach more customers and achieve success. If you sell items online, consider using different online marketplaces as a way to expand your user base. Let’s explore the ways this can suit your business.

Watch your brand expand when you use multiple online marketplaces. When potential customers view your items in more than one place, they’ll become familiar with your products and with your brand, leading to purchases and positive buzz.

How many times have you found an item of interest on eBay so you went to the manufacturer’s website to buy directly from the company? Expect the same things to happen for you when you sell items online on multiple marketplaces.

Want to automatically find an audience of shoppers who are waiting to discover products like yours? Online marketplaces have built-in consumers who have already had great experiences on the site, established a shopper account for fast, secure checkout and are ready to shop. Loyal customers are a valuable commodity. Value the access to those eyeballs who are excited to explore your merchandise.

You’ve got a great product and you’re enjoying solid reviews on online marketplaces. Maintain good customer service, make sure that your operation ships efficiently and cost-effectively and you can reasonably expect to enjoy growth for the long run. Online marketplaces make it easy to maintain your foothold of growth without reinventing the wheel.

By looking at different online marketplaces, you’ll can compare the perks that they offer as well as put their commission structure up against each other. Take a look at who is shopping in each marketplace and anticipate some overlap of consumers. What payment systems do the marketplaces utilize? How much are the selling fees? See which ones make the most sense for your business and get on board.

What’s your strategy to increase sales? Simple — Your own eCommerce site is important so create a user-friendly, optimized one as well as blow up your digital presence by appearing on multiple online marketplaces. Make sure that you keep SEO purposes in mind as you create your listings to help improve click-through rates.

Use video for your product listings. This trend is growing quickly so hop on board now. Make sure your photography is top notch and take the time to create detailed product descriptions, tags and research keywords. Who is the customer you are trying to reach? Write for your potential customer, then utilize SEO tools to ensure that your listings will be viewed.

When searching for online marketplaces to sell on, check out CubeSnack. This new and unique marketplace platform is making a buzz in the ecommerce scene gives sellers tools that make a difference. An entire network of creative freelancers are at your disposal so you can hire a photographer, videographer, writer or content creator to enhance descriptions of your products and make your listings pop.

Your seller account makes it easy to know your inventory at a glance as well as ad spend with CubeSnack ads. You’ll never be in the dark. Download the CubeSnack App at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get started.

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