How to Become a Rockstar Freelancer

There are 57 million Americans who freelance. 84% of freelancers report that this type of work lets them live the lifestyle they want, with flexible hours and unlimited earning potential. Here are some tips to embrace the freelance lifestyle and thrive as a creative professional while building your bank account:

First, identify your skillset. In your industry, what makes you stand out? Narrowing your focus will put you in the spotlight to potential clients. By picking too broad a field of experience, clients may pass by since they’re looking for a freelancer who can perform a specific task. Don’t generalize, be targeted. Brand yourself properly, perfect your skills in this niche and get practice by taking on projects from your friends and in your network to hone that craft and have completed work to showcase.

Price your work competitively and be flexible when necessary. If you price your services too low to get a foothold in the market as a freelancer, you may make a potential client question your skills. When submitting a quote for a project, find out what others in the industry are charging per hour and price yourself honestly, calculating the number of hours it should take, including time for revisions and client communication. As you gain more experience or take on a passion project, you can adjust your rates as needed.

How’s your digital presence? With jobs being posted online and clients searching for freelancers on the web, it is essential to your success as a freelancer to have a dynamic portfolio that lives online. Sharing your client successes on your social media platforms will build awareness for your work and grow your network of potential clients. Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile to manage your professional contacts. If you want to freelance online, marketing yourself is important.

Another way to build your freelance business is to actively communicate. Expand your network. Reach out to contacts that may be looking for a freelancer with your talents. When you receive a query about a potential gig, respond quickly, professionally and thoroughly. When hired, give your client frequent updates so they have confidence that their project will be done on time. Even if you hit a snag while working on the project, maintain communication with the client so you can manage their expectations.

After you deliver a completed project, ask for referrals. A happy client will be open to mentioning your services to others so take advantage of the power of word of mouth to grow your stable of clients. Upon completion of a project, think about the future projects, updates and opportunities that may exist with this client. By cultivating repeat business, you’ll be working with a client whose nuances and needs you now understand and can potentially build gigs that you can count on at regular intervals.

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