How to Create Content That Pops

If you sell products online, sales are by far your main focus for your business. But are you overlooking how much value content brings to your bottom line? We’re here to help you create quality content that sets you apart from the rest.

Original content is valuable and can establish a strong bond with your customers and potential shoppers. Although lots of companies grab existing content to streamline the process, you’ll see the difference when you use original content to speak for your business. By spending time creating social media posts, videos, blogs and audio blasts, you can elevate your business straight to the top. It is easier than you may realize.

Always be prepared to respond to topics that are happening in real time in your posts. Whether it is a hot pop culture reference, a national event or breaking news, look for meaningful events that grab your audience’s attention by relating it to your brand. If you’re the first to share something or leverage a trending hashtag, you’ll become someone to listen to — that’s valuable content.

Do your social media posts contain emotion? They should. It will evoke a reaction, followed by comments and shares. One way is to engage in storytelling in your social media. Building an emotional bond will also help to establish loyalty from your customers. Don’t be afraid to share your human side to give your brand a human face. As someone who sells products online, it is valuable to show that you’re a person, not just a company. Encourage your followers to do the same, sharing stories in the comments, promoting engagement and expanding your reach.

Employing live video to grow your organic reach is a tool used by leading digital marketing agencies and brands in the know to draw viewers in. Use behind the scenes sneak peeks, updates on topics that your customers want to know, introduce any staff members and always think of engaging with your followers.

Blogs are an important way to bring in customers but long form content can be time consuming to create. If writing in this format isn’t your cup of tea, hire someone to handle writing your blogs to deep dive into topics, making the content useful for your customers to read and share.

Don’t forget about user generated content. Having the positive words of a customer who has had a positive experience with you is valuable and can help you improve future content. Reviews are the best word of mouth that you could receive. Create contests and as an entrance step, have customers submit photos with your products or share a story of a positive experience with your company. Use this content to show others the passion that customers have when they shop with you.

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