Selling Direct to Consumers vs. Selling with an Online Marketplace

Selling online is a lucrative endeavor. This year alone, ecommerce sales will account for 18 % of retail sales worldwide. Ecommerce is here to stay and generates a healthy portion of global commerce. The options for selling online are plentiful, like adding a shopping cart on an existing website, using an e-commerce platform or a marketplace. The popularity of marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace and Etsy are the perfect representation of how simple and cost effective it is to start selling successfully. The tools that E-commerce platforms offer sellers like inventory management and secure payment options make it fast and easy to establish a store. So what are you waiting for? We’ll break it down so you can determine the best way to sell online for your needs.

Many online sellers utilize both direct to consumer (DTC) online sales as well as an online marketplace. If you have a website and are used to selling to consumers directly, expanding to a marketplace can help you establish site presence and expand your brand. If you’re used to selling to consumers rather than using a platform, you already enjoy some benefits like no additional fees, complete control over the customer’s experience and being able to retarget your traffic from any channel since you have your shopper’s information.

One drawback of only using your own website to sell to consumers is the innate difficulty to launching into new markets. Also, you are responsible for all aspects of your website, which can be costly, frustrating and labor intensive. You won’t have the easy-to-use tools that are standard to sellers on online marketplaces. Plus, your exposure is only as large as your advertising and marketing budget.

With an online marketplace, you will have the opportunity to reach an endless supply of shoppers right out of the gate. These fans have shopped on the site before and their positive online experience turns them into fans of your brand because you sell on the site. Your brand has a built-in positive association thanks to that dynamic. Marketplace ads will help you boost your sales, plus your store will be easier to rank in search. If someone starts to load up a cart and abandons it? Email automation on an online marketplace is included for those curious shoppers who didn’t quite make it through the checkout process.

There are some drawbacks to selling on an online marketplace, like having to start from square one if you decide to switch marketplaces. There are fees for listing and transactions, so do your research before you commit to selling on a marketplace. Always read the pertinent details about the perks and rules before you sign up to sell to ensure that you’ve found the best way to sell online.

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