Things You Should Be Doing Right Now to Kill in Ecommerce

How are sales? If you sell online, this is a question you ask yourself often. Ecommerce sales in the third quarter of 2021 were responsible for 13 percent of total sales, so doing everything you can to grow your customer base and increase your conversion rate is essential to your success. Here are some simple tips to help increase sales this year:

Optimize a funnel approach for your brand. As an ecommerce businessperson, knowing who your customers are is important and is the beginning of the funnel approach. Your first step is to create a customer avatar, deep diving into who your ideal customer is, complete with information like demographics, likes and dislikes. There are never enough details for your customer avatar, so don’t be afraid to really dig in. Next construct your funnel. A marketing funnel is a map of a customer’s journey with you, from the early stages when someone learns about your business to their purchase. Helping to lead you through conversion and beyond, a marketing funnel gives you insight into what you should do to influence shoppers at pivotal stages in their journey so you can capture loyalty, expand sales and develop brand awareness. Harnessing the knowledge of this path from the first time a potential shopper sees your product to the email they receive post-purchase, you’ll have valuable insight into the touch points along the way.

Are you thinking like a customer? If you sell online, you should. Put yourself in the mindset to think like a potential shopper and focus on their likes and dislikes, not what you personally like. Look at the products that are selling and feature those products as well as build your inventory around them so you aren’t stuck with a mounting number of unfulfilled orders.

Ads are valuable. So is testing them. To compel shoppers to make a purchase, you have options like working with a popular influencer or creating urgency with an ad to propel your product in the spotlight. Speaking of ads, make it a practice to keep your ads current. Don’t set them and fail to optimize them. It is good practice to keep tabs on your ads during the day and optimize those that aren’t performing well.

Are your social media platforms diversified? Spend some time exploring which platforms work best for you and in which markets. If a platform isn’t moving the numbers, don’t feel like you have to stick with it because it is popular. And as you build your social strategy, incorporate automation of your social networks to streamline the process. Doing so will free up your time to handle more pressing issues. You’ll still need to moderate comments but if you program your posts a month in advance, you’ll cut your time managing the process.

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