CubeSnack is the ideal platform for businesses to sell products and freelancers to sell professional services. Our mission is to create affordable opportunities for small businesses and creative talent to come together and help each other grow. Which is why, there are no subscription fees or monthly costs for selling on CubeSnack — creating a seller account and listing products is completely free. In order to keep our platform sustainable and affordable for everyone, we have structured our pricing model based on your success — when you grow, we grow with you. See our fees below:

Seller Fees

  • Referral Fee (standard for all categories): 9.1% per order + $0.20 per item when it sells (including shipping, local delivery charges and, taxes and other fees).

  • Payment Processing Fee (charged by Stripe): 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

  • Shipping Fees: Total shipping cost for any order applied if seller offers “Free Shipping”. If not, then the shipping cost is paid by the buyer.

  • Return and Refund Processing Fee5% of the total refund amount. 

Freelancer Fees

  • Final Order Fee: 9.1% + $0.20 per order delivered (including tips)

  • Payment Processing Fee (charged by Stripe): 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

  • Order Cancellation Fee5% of the total refund amount (charged to the buyer or seller whoever initiates the order cancellation)

Why we charge a Return and Refund Processing or Order Cancellation Fee?


Generally, the e-commerce industry is driven by fees and transaction costs assessed by banks and payment processors, such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. The rules and guidelines around payments and fees are vastly defined by these financial institutions, and in most cases banks and payment processors keep the entire upfront fees on a returned transaction. For most regions and payment types, refunded payments also incur a processing fee. As a marketplace platform, we take the burden of working with the payment processors on behalf of our users to provide a secure and convenient transaction environment. We work hard to keep our pricing transparent and below industry standards, and our standard fees include a variety of essential features including fraud protection and reporting. Therefore, to address these payment processing costs and other related charges, CubeSnack applies a 5% return processing or cancellation fee when a refund is issued.


While there isn’t much we can do to change external financial guidelines, we have structured our marketplace platform in a way that works best for our sellers and give them the opportunity to cover any financial gaps if necessary. To make it fair, convenient and cost-effective for our sellers and freelancers, we:

  • Grant them the ability to approve or decline any item returns based on the return policy.

  • Communicate directly with buyers to minimize the possibility of returns or order cancellation.

  • Optionally apply a restocking fee on any or all items they sell on CubeSnack.

We've set these standards to provide CubeSnack Sellers and Freelancers with maximum flexibility to grow their business on their own terms and achieve success.